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For every child, hope

Check out for Children

AED 10 goes a long way to Support Children during your stay

First Central Hotel Suites has partnered with UNICEF to advocate for children and families affected in war-torn countries and nations in emergency situations. Together we can help each child reach their full potential; so no child is left behind.

Your donation truly makes an impact and difference to every child’s life. Because UNICEF is funded entirely by voluntary contributions – they receive no money from the UN budget. With your continued support, 100% of your donations during checkout is sent to UNICEF, who spend a minimum of 85% on programmes for children; the remaining 15% is used to raise the next dollar for children.

You can add AED 10 to your bill in benefit of children in most need when you check out.

Unicef and First Central Hotel Suites


The United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED) is the currency used in UAE and is the one followed by the hotel for the above mentioned amount.