A fine selection of Continental food in TECOM -

First Central Hotel Suites

Beastro | Restaurant

Whether you’re coming in for a cup of coffee, breakfast on the run, lunch with friends, a leisurely afternoon tea, or dinner, our All-Day Dining Restaurant has a wide variety of food to tempt you.

Guests at First Central Hotel Suites, Dubai can delight in deliciously prepared continental cuisines, brimming with a wide array of delectable dishes to satisfy your cravings. We invite Our guests to enjoy a meal or two in our All-day Dining Restaurant where we have exquisite choices ranging from various platters, sandwiches, herbs & spices, sauces, jams, marmalades, and mouth-watering dessert picks like: chocolates, sweets, cakes, and baked goods sourced from International origins.

From the perfect brew for your early morning caffeine fix, quick-and-easy breakfast, tea-time with friends, all the way to a sumptuous dinner—our extensive continental cuisine selection can definitely fill your appetite.

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